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The common woodworm, otherwise known as Anobium Punctatum, is a common problem in the South of England. They are beetle flies that can lay between 50 and 1000 eggs in your wood, leading to structural problems, rotting and collapse.

Woodworm treatment is carried out using water based micro emulsion, low odour, one hour re-entry preservative for the prevention of wood boring insect attack in both hard, and soft wood.

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At Graham Warner Ltd we offer a comprehensive service in timber treatment, treating your property from an infestation of woodworm.

Our highly effctive methods are proven in treating the wood at the source of the problems, leaving longstanding and healthy timber.

Possible infested timber replacement

On occasion, we will find pests like the Death Watch beetle, which will result in infested timber replacement. If you’d like to arrange a consultation or learn more about our woodworm treatment services, call Graham Warner Ltd today on 01296 733 923.

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