Rising damp

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damp protection

Early damp proofing to save you future problems

Damp proofing is carried out using the latest technology in damp proofing creams. These are a blend of silane/siloxane cream emulsions that react with moisture to form a highly effective damp proof course in masonry. The cream is injected into 12mm diameter holes, drilled horizontally in the mortar bed at 120mm centres to form a new damp proof course.

Replastering service

Once we have carried out the damp proof course work we then carry out a full replastering service which consists of using advanced waterproof replastering systems which is very important. Once we have applied the full damp proof course and replastering specification a full 30 year guarantee will be issued by Graham Warner Ltd. We also offer a TUG 30 year insurance backed guarantee which is independent of any manufacturer and is backed by Lloyds of London.

To be able to offer these types of guarantees Graham Warner have met a stringent vetting service which covers workmanship, surveying techniques and operating codes of practice.

Our rising damp treatments are effective and come with a long term guarantee. If there is no damp proof course at the base of the wall, damp will continue to rise from the ground and cause the deterioration of plaster and decoration in your property. With a damp proofing methods we can prevent any future problems.

Rising damp treatment

Other damp proofing services

We also offer masonry water repellent treatment with Triproof AQ and weather check creams. These products will protect the external masonry, brick/stone, render and limestone walls allowing them to repel water. The vapour permeability will be unaffected allowing the walls to breath.

Penetrating damp

Penetrating damp is a common problem in properties with solid walls, stone, brick or flint. Some of the causes of penetrating damp could be cracked or perished render, failure of the existing pointing, porous brickwork or faulty rainwater goods. Normally the first signs of penetrating damp is damp internal plaster and staining.
Careful diagnosis is required as timber in contact with a damp surface can decay and may need replacing. In this case the affected plaster would need to be removed and replaced with specialised plaster suited to each individual property.

Epoxy resin floor coatings

Epoxy resin floor coatings are used when the existing membrane has failed or is non existent. It is a two coat system which can be used as a damp roof membrane and can be applied to screed and concrete to form a new damp proof membrane.  

Your local damp specialists

At Graham Warner Ltd, we recognise that damp can be caused by a range of problems, and we aim to find those issues and solve them. From condensation to rain penetration, we use our damp removal treatment methods to stop any kind of problem.

Who is at risk?

Most homes built in the last 100 years have a damp-proof course, but these are often bridged. We offer damp-proofing services and rising damp removal to ensure your property remains in great condition for years to come.
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